Rabu, 25 Februari 2015

Counting Days

 Hiii !!  **Assalamualaikum**

        Just about another 2 month before the coming final exam ...

   Get ready for final. Pack all the stuff *go back home* and rest for the entire of your life! HA HA HA .. *bijak nya ekau! kek mano ekau belajo?* 

     As what i just told you guyss ., now im preparing myself for the coming final exam which about 2 month more. And i hope what does i learned, the exercise were i did will definitely give me benefit!  #usaha beb usaha#  I dont want give a burden to my parents with my score that was so bad! i dont want too burden them with repeat the paper again. 

      Do pray for me. Pray for my coming final exam. Pray for me, so that i can finish-ed my diploma in accounting with successful and flying colours!! Studied in any ipta or ipts, it was not too bad as the secondary school one. But it was a *ticket* for us to entered any ipta or ipts. People might said "ala! kacang je exam tu semua. takpayah belaja pun takpe. mesti kau bole jawab" ., NO ! my answer is no !! Who are not study, just comin' to school, have fun with le friends, playing what-so-ever at the back without no focuses at all to the teacher who re teaching you, *keep my words* you gonna regret that for your entire life ., serious talk. no joke. no kiddin'. Plus! you gonna cried later. What re you doing exactly right now is actually 'a reward' for yourself at ipta or ipts. You get knowledge, and you will used it at ipta or ipts. But if you keep playing around, then you get nothin' and you will became a person with no knowledge. 

      Too my dear junior, once you enter the ipta/ipts ., there was a *succesful* in front of you., just either you keep movin' with a knowledge in your hands or you stop and turn back. Once you got more knowledge, you'll becoming the clever person with a types of knowledge that very useful in your future. You can be whatever you want to be or just follow your ambition. At this situation, its not just about a money, but you also can shared your knowledge with your partner and people. We as a human, sometimes we got no knowledge about some things. *we have to found it by ourself* 

       So, to all my junior to-be , coming to school like usually and put more focus and effort on your study. *study smart* , dont use way of study hard or your head will cramp and stuck. then? got migrain. *damn! just liked me! loserr*  eh! terlupe pulak, for those who waiting for the spm coming result, i pray for you guyss the best result!*  MUAHHH!!