Isnin, 1 Oktober 2012


       Assalamualaikum w.b.t

  Its just a short story.before this,I never think that I wanna share a story with you all.Especially,it about my 'sad' story.If i feel happy,i wanna make people around me feel happy too,but if i feel sad like crying or whatever ..i dont want them to knew that i'm crying.Fact! true! people,friends,siblings or others never knew what is inside our heart.Everytime i feel wanna cry i'll do something that make me feel happy(wlapun hakikatnya kita sedih!).I'll try too remember something 'yg bermakna'.

    Sometimes,not everthing we did can makes people happy.its fact.
    And sometimes not everthing people's did can make ourself feel happy..
    I need more time too relax myself.please!!  buddy,understand me.apa yg korang lalui,aku da pun please .... i'm really sad with your attitude!!

    Much love,NIA

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  1. kadang2 bercerita baru melepaskan lara di hati.. jadi x salah bercerita ttg kesedihan kita.. salam ukhwah.. :)